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Established in 2003, MMM is dedicated to spreading the gospel of salvation via television programming, music ministry, Internet ministry and Chinese Literature, to serving as a linkage among Chinese churches, and to providing informational and educational services to the Chinese Community.MMM is approved of 501(c)(3) not for pro.t tax-exempt status by the Federal Government since July 2005.

榮神傳播恊會異象宣言:自2003年成立以來,榮神傳播協會一直致力於使用電視節目、音樂事工、榮神網站以及文字事工作等多種傳媒方式,以 傳揚耶穌基督得救的福音、聯絡眾教會,並為華人社區提供資訊及教育性的服務。 自2005年7月起,榮神傳協會被美國聯邦政府批准成 501(c)(3) 規定的非營利性機構。

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