<心灵诚实、表里一致的敬拜> 2/7 – 2/13/11


The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.(Isaiah 29:13)

“你到神的殿,要谨慎脚步;因为进前听,胜过愚昧人献祭,他们本不知道所作的是恶。”( 传道书5:1)

Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Go near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools, who do not know that they do wrong. (Ecclesiastes 5:1)


“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7)

默想祷告: 上周有人对「移民官手记」一文提出问题说北美华人教会经常有新面孔出现, 來一段时间后便请求牧师传道人, 写信证明自已是会友, 或要求发给转会受洗等证件, 对这些事情该如何处理? 我承認我们很难辩别每一个人來教会的动机是什么。老实说, 我上大学第一次去教会的目的, 主要是为了结交朋友; 但也有人藉机会認识新客户, 找商机, 或为了得到某些好处,我们也不必加以深责。当圣灵光照, 在人的心中动工的时候, 慢慢我们会看见一个人会越來越渴慕追求認识神的话语, 心态行为逐渐改变, 不衹是來湊湊热鬧而已。祗有神才真正鉴察人的行为意念,因此人要为自己的所思所为直接向神负责。但对那些为迖到利益而存心利用教会, 做一些违反法律的事, 我们也必须注意。我建议教会设立特别小组, 釐定準则手续, 对有所要求写证明的人, 进行審慎考慮,(甚至包括以神职人员申请绿卡的人) 最后由小组整体作出決定, 不要把赞成和拒绝的決定杈都推到牧师传道人身上, 陷他们于不义, 承担违法受罚的可能性。我们教会的牧者传道任重道遠, 讓他们专心传道作圣工, 信徒不要把这法律的担子加在他们身上, 更要多为他们祷告, 免得他们面对进退维艱的局面, 奉主耶稣圣名祈求。阿们。(陈炽弟兄分享)

Meditation & Prayer: A person consults me after reading my article regarding issues on legal status. There are people making requests to pastors/pastor assistants to issue letters of recommendation, proof of church membership, or baptismal certificate after a short attendance at the church. How do we handle these requests? It is rather difficult to figure out the real motif of a person who attends church, as there are many. I admitted when I first went to church in Taiwan, I simply want to meet new friends; perhaps others would like to explore business opportunity, meet potential customers or so on. Who knows except our God? We can’t pass judgment based on our superficial observation.  Only when a person is truly convicted by the Holy Spirit, you will definitely be able to discern a significant change in attitude & behavior, as reflected by their thirst for knowing God’s word and developing other godly attributes.  But at the same time, we should also be cautious & on guard toward those possibilities that someone may intend to commit perjury. I suggest the church should form a committee to study all these requests and develop procedures for those who seek evidential documents, such as church membership (including those seeks permanent status through R-1 status). Let the Committee make a collective decision based on the church requirements/conditions, rather than letting the pastor make his sole decision to bear the burden of proof in the court of law. Leave our pastors alone, nor put them into a touchy situation that has legal ramifications. Instead, we should pray & protect the servants of God, so that they are not being subject to dealing with people who might have possessed illicit intentions, in Jesus holy name we pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan’s sharing)


代祷: Prayer Request:


·  感谢荣神網站新设计已完成,谢谢丁占军弟兄的辛劳, 很快作成。请隨时瀏览 www.mmm4him.org 新面貌。網页内容会继续不断更新。为主赐荣神新同工曾莹姊妹感谢主, 曾姊妹负责管理已经推出的新網页, 求主加添曾姊妹的智慧与力量。 

·  请为荣神 “箴言讲座” (劉少平博士主讲) 後期制作祷告, 希望尽早能剪輯完畢。


·        感谢主,荣神不久将恢復買时段, 在电视台播放福音节目, 数号讯号涵蓋芝加哥市、各郊区, 甚至到 Wisconsin 州Kenosha 地区。这是神奇妙的安排。其中一个30分钟时段內容将为各教会, 基督教机構免费服务, 報導及推介各种重要聚会及事工。由于荣神总干事陈炽弟兄健康能力有限, 求主赐下有心志在写稿, 錄像, 剪接, 后期制作方面的弟兄姊妹参与。请与陈弟兄联系: 630-946-6868

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