“I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing.” John 15:5

默想禱告:每 當下班趕車,在火車啟動前我终於享受到一段20/30分鐘的黄金時段。一天工作的辛勞獲得舒展,壓得繃緊的胸口也漸漸鬆弛,心情馬上變成了一首贊美的詩 歌。衹有這時刻我可以完全從紛擾的世界中抽離,在人流的忙亂中找回自己。此刻火車仍然停在终站的隧道尾端,在網力不足的狀態下,我會輕輕掛上一串袖珍耳 機,選聽幾首已經下載好悠揚的敬拜曲子,接著是聆聽一堂靈修的短講,用讚美,禱告,讀聖經再度與主聯線,打開心靈與主耶穌溝通互動的開關。否則一出隧道 口,我就恍惚被强力的國際網路訊號如天羅地網般罩住,接收從四方八面向我投擲鄙俗怪誕的內容。妻子已經習慣在我耳旁提醒,叫我千萬不要做一名「新聞癮君 子」NewsJunkies;聽看政治炒作,社會各類醜聞如同啃吃使人心智癡肥的垃圾零食,一陣子網上緊追多一名國內「高官落馬,帶款潛逃」,一陣子在高 清電視前凝神貫注,精神緊張地注視美國「政府關門大吉,借貸上限鬥爭」中黨派互相攻奸的一副副惡相,每每令我血脈僨張,心律加快,對两個超級大國的前景不 堪想像,看來中國夢」「美國夢」恍惚都像一場「噩 夢」。活在訊息大爆炸的環境中,人可以瞬間逡巡於「虛擬世界」的天地,亦同時可以把自己祕密隱藏在心靈幽暗的角落。說不準基督徒在俗世資訊的湍流中,隨時 也有被淹沒的可能。甚麼時候我們的心靈觸覺轉向與世俗接軌,我們的生活肯定是一團喧囂的噪音,生命如斷線風箏,任由大風大俗吹擺,不知飄往何方。有時感覺 自己是一個接觸不良的信徒,喜歡到處轉台,但又調不準頻道,聽見的總是一片片剌耳的雜音,反而撩起心中無限的煩躁與不安。慕迪聖經學院歐文.路瑟牧師Dr.ErwinLutzer因此向基督徒發出强烈警告, 奉勸我們務要從媒體的浸淫中作出「排毒」行動。 (Media Detoxification) http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/running-to-win/player/loving-the-world-loving-god-part-2-of-4-guard-your-heart-368638.html 聽了神的代言人所發出的呼籲,除 了為自已的排毒意念禱告外,我更願意為這一代年青人守望,知道有不少年輕人,更多是成年人將寶貴的生命時光耗費在充滿暴力的電子遊戲,深夜間沉迷於色情畫 面,臉書/QQ社交,推特粉絲跟蹤,網上賭博,瘋狂上網購物,歌星影星球星生活百態…等迷惑。誤用的科技於是成了我們生命最大的試探,集體沉淪的起源。求 主憐憫,聖靈引導我們重回主的居所,住在衪裡面,與主連接,讓祂也住在我們裡面,因為離開了主,我們就不能作甚麼,否則基督徒掛在嘴上的「豐盛的生命」就 成了自欺欺人的濫調,成為不信者終日嘲弄使用的刃劍,奉主耶穌聖名祈求, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)


Meditation & Prayer: I treasure very much the invaluable 20-30 minutes of my after work time on the train before departure from Union Station. Sitting quietly at a corner seat, I would put on my ear phone to listen to the soothing worship music, and some downloaded devotional messages, releasing myself from the daily burden of work, stress and tensions in the working environment. All because I don’t have to resist the temptation of logging in the internet since the signal bar is almost zero in the underground terminal. However, at home is a different story. Sarah now habitually reminds me not to flip on the news channels after dinner, to avoid turning myself into a “News Junkies”, as I reluctantly glue to the cable news, or serving the web online to catch up with the ever ending socio-political development on both sides of the world. I am so absorbed into watching the squabbles, heated arguments on the issue of Government Shutdown, Debt-ceiling deadline debacle between the two parties on one hand, and become totally fascinated by how many Chinese corrupted officials are arrested and prosecuted, and self made environmental disasters appear everywhere in the so called second super-power of the world. In a cyber world, one can almost feel the pulse of all human activities, but at the same time could easily retreat himself into a secret and dark corner of his own heart. Anytime we choose to connect with the secular world, all we hear is a bunch of quarrelling noises, dissensions and myriads of deceptive half truths. As Rev. Dr. Erwin Lutzer in his series Guard Your Heart warns: “ The explosion of technology has come with a host of challenges for both parents and children. Addictions to video games, pornography, and yes, even social media are becoming common in our homes…How do we guard our hearts in a culture filled with seductive images available on mobile devices? What can we do to protect children from pornography, violence, and the occult? How can we redeem technology and use it for our good and God’s glory? Our challenge is formidable, but the task before us is never as great as the Power behind us; for if we are serious about purity, God will help us do what we can’t. As always, the answers we seek are found in the Scriptures.” http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/running-to-win/player/loving-the-world-loving-god-part-2-of-4-guard-your-heart-368638.html  I totally buy in to his “Detoxification from Media” message, knowing that God will honor our commitment to disconnect ourselves from the world that is controlled by the dark power, but instead to rejoin with him to resume the relation which is intimate and organic, because separated from him, we can’t produce a thing. In Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)


請 為10/23日在伊州首府Springfield舉行反“同性婚”及相關立法案遊行祷告,亦歡迎有相同意願,在大芝加哥地區的華人基督徒、有知之士,加盟 協同一致,與「伊州家庭協會」(Illinois Family Institute) 及本地各裔族團體,一起來護衛傳統婚姻家庭制度。明天10/20日截止報名, 報名詳情, 請上網 marriage1m1w.org 查詢。

Please pray and join us in the rally against “Same Sex Marriage legislation in Springfield, Illinois on 10/23/13. For details, please visit marriage1m1w.org or visit IFI website: http://illinoisfamily.org/ifi_news/details-for-defend-marriage-lobby-day/

王倚真、楊靜姝、陈炽 榮神传播協會

Majesty Multimedia Ministries www.mmm4him.org

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