「他要憐恤貧寒和窮乏的人,拯救窮苦人的性命。他要救贖他們脫離欺壓和強暴,他們的血在他眼中看為寶貴,」詩篇 72:13-14


“He feels pity for the weak and the needy, and he will rescue them. He will redeem them from oppression and violence, for their lives are precious to him.” (Psalm 72:13-14 NLT)


默想禱告: 一位同工姊妹輕輕開門陪著她進來我的辦公室。


她低下頭, 我第一個印象就強烈感受到, 這樣瘦弱的身軀如何能背負整個陌生世界將要向她傾覆的重擔。


「我能打工嗎?」還沒聽完我介紹服務的內容, 她就急不及待的問。


我連她怎樣有天大本領闖進美國都來不及問, 只聽說她獨自從外州坐車到紐約才兩天, 暫時留宿在十多塊錢一晚的公寓旅館, 所以找工作是她生活程序的第一優先。


「你的旅遊身份是不可以在美國合法打工的。非 法打工身份就馬上會黑掉。」我好像在她頭上澆了一盆冰水, 內心更暗暗為她擔憂, 想到這位年輕女子, 沒有親友在旁照應, 只有高中的學歷, 語言又不 通; 恍惚就像一隻在野外失散的小羚羊, 漫無目標地流蕩, 卻看不見近處早已潛伏的豺狼虎豹, 隨時撲面而來, 它還有生存的可能嗎?


「他們當初没有跟我說清楚這裡的環境, 我祇知道來了美國一切都好了。」她開始表現焦慮的神情。「我辛苦存的錢已經花光了, 不打工我怎麼回去!」她的眼眶這時發紅, 一顆斗大的淚珠從眼角滾下。


此時此刻, 我突然想起一個月前黃維仁博士在講座中說過的一句話: 



若從社會生存的觀點看, 她是競爭劇烈的森林市場中隨手可取的獵物。在這種社會中求存, 人的心態會變得很現實,很功利, 利己不利人, 爭奪性強, 彼此嫉妒炫耀, 貪得無饜。在人的動物性正在無垠擴張的時候,惟有上帝慈愛憐憫的心腸能夠把人從被欺壓的困苦中救拔出來。


作為祂的兒女, 我們都已經受托去憐恤貧寒和窮乏的人; 愛神也代表了愛人, 愛神越深就自然愛人越多, 是成了一種「正比例」的屬靈取向。


「你願意我們為您前面的道路作一個禱告嗎? 」她在淚中輕輕點了一下頭。


為她祝福, 求主保守眷顧是我唯一能做的事, 深信主耶穌會接管這位在國內剛接受福音的姐妹, 在她經歷各種危難中成為她隨時的幫助。


也許有一天路經威斯康辛的一個小城, 明尼蘇達冰天雪地的鄉鎮中…的中國餐館裡你我會遇上一個個淪落天涯, 孤苦無依的同胞, 不要忘記多給一點小費, 向他們傳福音作見証, 為他們祝福, 讓他們知道上帝才是生命真正的保障, 奉主耶穌聖名禱告, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)


Meditation & Prayer: A young lady was accompanied by a co-worker into my office. I was quite puzzled by the first impression- how could such young fragile female be able to carry the heavy burden that is about to bear down on her shoulders in this harsh environment?


She just arrived New York few days ago, all by herself, without knowing a word of English; as someone bought her a one way ticket in New Jersey and sent her to New York, where new arrivals are usually dumped off in a totally strange environment to seek for their own fortunes.


Perhaps her bravery was predicated on false hopes and misinformation, as shown by her first question:


“Can I work here?” She anxiously asked.


“Of course not. Your visiting status does not allow seeking employment in the United States.” I couldn’t imagine how she would be able to even obtain a visa in the first place.


I suddenly observed a change of demeanor. “That’s not what they told me. I was told everything will be fine once I enter this country!” Her voice started to quiver, followed by a teardrop rolling down her left cheek momentarily.

“My savings are all gone making this journey, I have to work.” How she would find work with no friend or relative support, nor any particular skill is truly beyond me. I began to feel frightened for her, as though I am watching a lost antelope wandering in the wilderness, surrounded by a bunch of crouching lions and hyenas.  


A great sense of empathy stirred me to utter softly to this deeply troubled soul: “May I offer you a prayer?” I believe only the Lord can deliver her from dangers and hardships, knowing that she accepted Christ shortly before she embarked on taking a very risky trip across the oceans, supported only by her fantasies and dreams.


“He feels pity for the weak and the needy, and he will rescue them. He will redeem them from oppression and violence, for their lives are precious to him.” (Psalm 72:13-14 NLT)


I trust the Lord will honor his word and hear our fervent prayers for this helpless lady, one out of hundreds who are hiding in some dark corners; perhaps in some small towns in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, or Louisiana…


For we are called to administer the needs of this forgotten group and to bless them with God’s abundant grace and mercy, in Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan from Flushing New York)


王倚真、楊靜姝、陈炽 榮神传播協會 

Majesty Multimedia Ministries www.mmm4him.org


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