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 Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” (James 4:8)

默想禱告: 在一次團契聚會分享中, 一位從國內來尚未信主的長者「語出驚人」, 至今仍然震撼著我的心。這位長輩已屆「不逾矩、從心所欲」的高齡, 一頭銀髮, 神采奕奕,說話時流淌著平穩淡定的神情。他和妻子來美國短住,抵步不久就換上國際駕照,開車帶著妻子上教會,購物,參加各類團契活動。單是這種不靠兒孫而獨立行動的沖勁和勇氣就令人佩服,顯出他們在異地生活的高度適應能力。更難得是夫妻倆人對基督信仰渴慕追求的積極且認真的態度, 最為凸出-經常看聖經, 閱覽基督徒刊物, 上主日學, 參加慕道友特會…。上週他們也出席了芝加哥活水教會舉辦馮秉誠(里程) 佈道會, 當 天有很多人舉手決志信耶穌。我們問:「你們有沒有舉手?」「人太多,不方便,心裡信就夠了。」丈夫意態盎然的回答。我相信他簡短的答覆乃是發自心底真誠的 意念。我無法揣摩別人的內心世界究竟如何,但從他個人口中所透出的思路,坦蕩蕩地分享心中一些對聖經難題的困惑,而最終對主耶穌教導的超世價值的全盤認 同, 我便能窺悉一二。團契完畢, 我和他站在課室的一隅,言猶未盡的繼續討論 “每個人心中的兩個經常掙扎的律” http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans%207:15-23&version=CUVMPT (羅馬書7:17-23) 他突然情緒激動地說:「現在我才明白,一生中我所作的大小決定,錯誤的成份居多, 是完全出於人意的,全是從自我作出發點,根本不曉得甚麼是屬靈的層面,甚麼才是上帝的美意和旨意。聖經的話語太寶貴了!」這段話彷彿將他自己七十年的生命內容作了一個濃縮的歸納。「語出驚人」是因為連上教會多年聽道的基督徒也未必體悟如此厚重的生命透析,省察到惟獨透過主耶穌的十字架救恩,人才能勝過肢體中犯罪的律的轄制。誠心親近神,尋求神,讀祂的話語,思想內中精義的人,上帝也必親近他,打開他的心竅,為他打造一套全新的生命價值系統, 新的世界觀, 人生觀,宇宙觀…那怕是日暮西山的耆老,一旦接受主, 其心靈即如鷹展翅上騰,頃刻承載生命被淨化的輕盈。甚願這對長輩夫婦早日「心裡相信, 口裡承認」,在眾人面前成為美好的見証,為年輕人立下楷模, 其影響力之深遠不可估量, 奉主耶穌聖名禱告,阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)

Meditation & Prayer: After our fellowship meeting last week, a senior Mr. Zhou made an astounding statement that still exerts a great impact on my mind. At first, it is quite unusual to witness a new immigrant from China in his 70s drives his wife around town, attends church regularly and actively participates in social activities. While the couple’s unfazed approach toward adjusting to a new environment is admirable, their serious attitude toward studying the word of God is even more inspiring. They take advantage of many opportunities to attend Bible studies, and attended the latest Dr. Feng Bing Cheng’s evangelistic meeting at the Chinese Living Water church of Naperville. “We did not raise our hands to accept Christ that evening when a lot of people showed theirs, but inside our hearts, we believe.” Mr. Zhou calmly said. As we continued our discussion after studying Romans 7:17-23   http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans%207:15-23&version=NLT,Mr. Zhou boldly expressed his views: “I concur wholeheartedly with this principle of life—that when I want to do what is right, I inevitably do what is wrong. As I reflect on what I did all these years, many decisions were wrong because I chose to do it my own way according to my own will, totally ignored or not even cognizant that there is a spiritual dimension involved. But the word of God is so valuable. Now I can see.” Frankly speaking, no too many Christians would eagerly embrace the same kind of insights into cultivating the profound meaning of Biblical principles and how they affect our daily lives. It is so true that “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” I believe that God honors the couple’s sincere motivation to seek Him and the Truth, even though they are still skeptical on certain historical facts and bothered by Jesus’ paradoxical teaching. Given a little more time, I am confident that they will openly accept Jesus as their personal savior. I never underestimate the influence of elderly people on the younger generations under the Chinese cultural context. Imagine one day the Chinese premiere and other high ranking officials (seniors are always in power) convert to Christianity, the entire Chinese society can literally be transformed. I pray for this old couple that they soon will confess and openly receive Christ into their hearts and start creating the ripple effect, in Jesus holy name, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)




  • 三一運動"2013 4/13 年會請上網報名-講員:章長基博士,王峙軍牧師,趙約翰牧師/師母



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