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“The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Savior God wants us to live.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2 MSG)


默想禱告: 我為上周五6/20日主持入籍典禮感到榮幸! 對在移民局工作28年的我,這次在芝加哥培德中心舉行的入籍典禮具有特別的意義, 因為這是我在退休前最後一次主持的入籍儀式。


除了當司儀, 上司也請我向74位入籍的新公民致賀辭。我懷著感恩、奮悦的心情說出以下的感言:


「38年前我手中提著一個小行李箱, 口袋裡扣緊一張父親向朋友借來$3,000元的旅行支票, 雙腳踏上了美國這遍美麗的土地, 心裡懷著滿腔熱情, 開始追尋自己心中的美國夢。

尋夢的路徑一開始十分困難。 我必需拼命學習英語, 同時努力適應生活環境, 又要專心研讀高深的課程, 感覺像在追逐一場遙遠的夢。但我下定了決心, 堅毅不拔, 最終爭取到獎學金, 順利完成學業, 不久又找到工作。


我的身份也不斷地轉換, 從留學生到工作簽証; 然後由僱主申請職業移民,調整為永久居民。我經歷的過程跟各位一樣, 五年後申請入籍, 成為美國公民。


接下來當上移民官28年的職業生涯中, 我審批成千上萬的各類移民案件, 發現每個移民都有自己獨特的故事。其中有些是悲情痛苦的景遇, 但也有不少人美夢成真, 締造出卓越的成就。相信今天在坐中有很多這樣的成功人仕。

你要知道, 美國憲法保障我們一個自由的生存環境和平等的發展機會, 但不能保証你我都會成功。我們每個人都需要盡其所能, 努力不懈才會達到自己設定的目標。

 雖然我們來自五湖四海, 種族文化各有差異, 但因著有一個共同的國籍把我們緊緊連繫在一起: 這就是世界最强大的美利堅合眾國的公民籍。

美國優越的原因是因為她提供給每個人充分機會去鍛造自己的人生路徑, 讓我們運用革新的思維, 發揮個人的創造力, 藉著辛苦經營來實現心中的宿願。

當你要繼續努力達成理想的同時, 請記住作為美國公民, 我們更需要以服務人群, 存憐恤的心, 秉持正義的態度對待別人,體現出美國眾多開國元勳所冀望建立的一個完美的聯合體: “我們的人民”

確實說,今天我和各位在坐的新公民,我們就是一群圓了“美國夢” 活生生的見証人。


在此再次恭賀各位。願你成功的例子成為下一代效法的榜樣; 亦願上帝祝福美利堅合眾國。謝謝各位。」


然而,當我在夜深時獨自思量, 發現用賀辭所描繪的內容對照現今美國社會的生活環境, 這個國家社會已經逐漸出現两極化的裂痕; 整個國家的精神面貌面臨巨大的質變, 雖不至於面目全非, 但經過四十年來的自殘, 美國在政治、文化、經濟、外交、民生、道德等上層建築將會持續性崩裂, 各種各樣的破口使原來穩固的根基日趨疏鬆, 若不再回轉, 國家命運不久必然會遽然塌陷。


我此刻舉起了禱告的雙手, 懇切為美國國家人民代求, 一如我要為中華民族祈求一樣。「離棄真道」與「拒絕接受」福音的國家民族同樣會走向悲哀荒涼的結局。求主憐憫, 讓聖靈扭轉人心, 歸回聖經真理, 過敬虔聖潔的生活,奉主耶穌聖名禱告, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)


Meditation & Prayer: I was given the privilege to coordinate and emcee the whole naturalization ceremony held at the Pui Tak Center last Friday 6/20/14. 74 new citizens representing 25 countries, plus family and friends filled the center with a joyful and heart-warming atmosphere.


I was also asked to present the congratulatory remarks to the new citizens after they were sworn in by Illinois District Court Judge Edmond E. Chang. As people waving the American flags, I delivered a short message that reflects my own experience as an immigrant:


“It was 38 years ago when I first stepped on the soil of this beautiful country. With only $3,000 my father borrowed from his friends and a small luggage, I began my journey to pursue the American Dream.

The road to fulfill my dream wasn’t easy at all. Struggled to learn a new language, to adjust to a different culture, and to study extremely hard in graduate school, my goal appeared to be unreachable at first. But with determination and stamina, I finally finished my education with full scholarship and I was gainfully employed upon graduation.

From F-1 to H-1, then I-140 to I-485 adjustment, I was eventually naturalized like every new citizen here today. I know some of you have waited a long time for this moment. That’s why today’s ceremony is particularly meaningful to you.


Throughout my 28 years of career as an Immigration Officer, I interviewed literally hundreds of applicants for all kinds of immigration benefits. I find that each applicant has a unique story to tell. Some are quite painful at first, but many end up with amazing accomplishments beyond my imagination. Many of them are sitting here today!

You see, our Constitution guarantees our freedom and opportunities to pursue happiness, but it doesn’t guarantee success. It’s up to each one of us to press forward and to work hard to reach our goals.


Although each and every one of you are unique individuals, differentiated by ethnicity, language and culture, we all share a common bond - one of citizenship in the greatest country in the world - the United States of America. 

The USA is great because anyone can forge their own paths through innovation, ingenuity and plain hard work.

As you continue to strive for your goals and dreams, remember that being a citizen of the United States also involves service, compassion and justice to your fellow man - embodying what the Founding Fathers envisioned to be the Perfect Union, "We the People". 


Indeed, I am, and you are the living testimony of the American Dream.

Congratulations to all of you again. May your successful story be a vivid example to our next generations; and may God bless the United States of America. Thank you very much.”


But as I regurgitated this message at bed time, the taste, however, suddenly turned sour. Because the virtual social conditions exist around me today is in fact contradict to the content of my earlier remarks. I have watched a continual decline of this beautiful country in only 4 decades- in politics, culture, economy, foreign policies, and morals... The foundation of America has been shaken violently by secularism and liberalism, as the country and the people decided to keep God out of their lives completely.


Chaos will ensue when the country loses its spiritual compass, and when people choose to do whatever they want according to their own desires. There is no true freedom in our hearts unless we subject ourselves to the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit.


Then a verse from the Scriptures popped out (1 Timothy 2:1-2 MSG) which reminds me to pray for the rulers and leaders of the government to rule well, and the people to reverse course to honor and fear God.


Criticizing and bashing alone do not prevent things from getting worse, but fervent prayer can stop the hemorrhaging. May the Lord have mercy on America, a blessed country that has gone astray. In Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)


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