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「在你壯年的日子,當記念你的創造主。不要等到衰敗的日子,就是你所說:“我毫無喜樂”的那些年日臨到,」(傳道書 12:1)


“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)


默想禱告: 去紐約前參加印州Valpro 大學團契歡迎新生活動, 心頭有一番特別的滋别。  


“爺爺”( 吳超厚醫生) 開放家庭, 一下子每個角落都有新同學和家眷, 或坐下或站立, 老中青們對坐暢聊,桌上擺滿飯菜茶點, 氣氛烘鬧。


這次聚會是由團契幾個基督徒學生主動策劃,向從國內剛來不久的新同學發出邀請,努力結果有20-30位新同學連同家眷出席, 聞風而至的也有不少美國朋友家庭, 一起赴會, 總人數估計有超過七十人。


輪到新生逐一自我介紹, 我被每位莘莘學子表現出滿臉喜樂的儀容深深打動, 簡短的介紹互動中, 我發現這小群同學來自國內各省市, 當中大部分是訪問學者、博士後、研究生等, 意識到中國高級知識份子赴笈海外近幾年人數有增無減, 選擇來美國更是特別多。


最近官方統計顯示來自中國的留學生已經超過33萬, 年齡也越來越小, 來唸小學初中的人數不斷提高, 父母想盡千方百計, 不惜重金投資, 也要把孩子送到國外。


不管一窩蜂出國背後原因是什麼, http://www.voachinese.com/media/video/voaweishi-20140829-pro-and-con-2/2432236.html 對基督徒而言-這是我們傳福音的上好機會!


等 到“爺爺” 叫我起來跟學生們說些移民常識的事, 我乾脆藉此機會, 把話題從生活引到信仰的層面:「三十多年前我隻身來美國唸書, 跟各位同學一樣參加 迎新會。透過團契生活和查經聚會, 我親身感受到基督徒的愛心關懷, 慢慢認識聖經真理, 最終使我生命產生極大改變, 希望您們以後經常來參加團契活 動, 蒙受上帝豐厚的祝福!」


怕自已太哆嗦, 只好點到即止, 然而內心静默祝福, 求聖靈藉校園事工使福音大大興旺, 不斷感動同學們的心, 作成生命翻轉的善工。


「中國的新生代,祈願你們的胸襟變得更加廣闊、氣度非凡、獻出赤誠之心來關注國家,社會,人類共同的命運。」這是我多年前一篇文章的結語, 也是我心中始終如一的禱告, 奉主耶穌聖名, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)http://mmm4him.org/index.php/literature/chen-chi-xiong-qing-zhong-guo/zhong-guo-xin-sheng-dai-mian-mao.html


「主愛照中華」God’s Love for China!

词曲:陈炽   合唱及乐队编曲:陈国华


          月儿弯弯挂天上   人海茫茫遍四方    

            怀念故乡 内心伤痛 福音之路仍漫长


          谁为主作工 谁愿为主辛劳    把救恩快传扬


          主不愿一人失丧 亿万心灵却空荡   生命无光 

               活在黑暗 流离痛苦如迷羊


          谁为主尽心  谁愿为主尽力 宣告大好消息


          主啊我在这里  请你差遣 我心中焚烧如火  

            为我骨肉之亲  昼夜祈求 主爱光照中华



Meditation & Prayer: For whatever reasons that motivate massive emigration in China, numbers of Chinese students on F-1 visas to the United States top all other countries in the world. http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20140813/NEWS03/140819763


Even junior high and elementary student registration increase leaps and bound in the last few years throughout many U.S. School Districts.


Thus it is no surprise to see more than 30 + new students attending a reception organized by Valparaiso University Fellowship group in Indiana last week. Among them were exchange scholars, researchers, graduate students and their families.


Thanks to the faithful leadership of Dr. Stewart Wu, and Dr. Henry Pong, campus evangelism has become such a vibrant ministry at Valpro.  


I consider this outreach as strategically important because Chinese students are not only benefiting from an environment of higher learning, but also experience the freedom of their mind that could not have been made possible while under the intense censorship of the Chinese government, namely freedom of speech and religion.


Christians have this golden opportunity to share the life changing gospel message to the Chinese students via friendship and personal care, a golden key to open up channels of communication and lead them to knowing God.


“Thirty some years ago I came to U.S. to pursue graduate studies, was invited to attend a party like this one, and found my faith that has transformed my life with tremendous blessings. I wish you would find yours too.” I used my platform as a retired immigration officer to pronounce my faith, while giving a simple orientation of foreign student regulations to the newcomers.


I earnestly pray for these students, who one day may very well assume influential positions in China, who would develop a real understanding of the Christian faith-a cradle of love and freedom for humanity that could crack open a closed and blind society under current political leadership.


My prayer simultaneously go out to the Hong Kong citizens who are in a dire situation, as they are seeking freedom to participate in a democratic election to elect their Chief Executive, but find themselves in a political quagmire that has no way out except exercising civil disobedience against the Chinese government. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/01/world/asia/hong-kong-elections.html?_r=0

I ask for God’s mercy and protection that no bloodshed will occur in the near future, in Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chansharing)


王倚真、楊靜姝、陈炽 榮神传播協會 Majesty Multimedi Ministries www.mmm4him.org


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